Beautiful you

Let’s get one thing clear:




By beautiful I don’t just mean the typical dictionary definition of “pleasing the aesthetic senses, especially sight.” I’m talking real beauty: the beauty of of everything you bring to this life by simply being in it. The beauty of your remarkable, distinctive, electrifying existence in this universe.

I understand you might have a hard time believing this, well you’re in good company. So maybe you don’t believe me, or maybe you’ve never even been told this. But this needs to change.

In our culture today, beauty is a BIG thing. It’s all over the place, either blatantly screaming in your face through social media, or subtly whispering criticisms and doubts in your mind. The standards, practices, steps, products, maintenance, etc. of achieving some type of abstract arbitrary concept of beauty is everywhere we go here in Western society. This is a topic I feel that has been brought up a little more recently, specifically about its dangers of being impossibly unobtainable. That’s right: impossibly unobtainable. But let’s be clear: beauty itself is not unobtainable, in fact you already have it. What’s unobtainable is the “ideal beauty” in edited photos on Instagram or in magazines, in movies and advertisements. So then why do we spend so much money and time trying to somehow earn the title of “beautiful”? Well, because we are convinced all these things will help us do so, I mean they promise they will after all.

In thinking of all the money and time I’ve personally spent on products and routines, I can’t help but wonder if I had spent it working on accepting and loving myself instead how things would look differently. I’m convinced the contrast would be stark, since this “beauty” cycle is a never-ending rabbit hole for something that is quite frankly temporary. You start picking apart one thing about yourself, next thing you know it’s 5, then it’s just pure insecurity of total self. However, this cycle can work both ways and can be turned around to see yourself ever increasingly positively. Beauty is not defined by physical appearance. The quandary shouldn’t be do I look okay? Does this make me look prettier? Will this make me more attractive? And so on…fill in the blank. But rather, I wonder what would happen if instead the questions were: will I choose to see the beauty in myself? Will I embrace the beautiful physical characteristics I have been given but also see the unequaled loveliness underneath? Will I let my physical appearance and what other’s say about it make me think less of myself and determine my confidence?

It will be a daring journey with wins and lessons, but we do have a choice.


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