Winging it Pt. 2

The rest of the trip was a roller coaster. We met amazing people, survived many near-death experiences (crossing an extremely rusty bridge 50 ft above a river that was closed for danger, hiking 10 miles in a severe thunderstorm, as well as getting extreme motion sickness on a bus, all comes to mind), made it to Finesterra, and even rented a car to road trip around Portugal. It was a trip of a life time for sure. I learned many things along this adventure, but by far the one that resonated with me the strongest was how this adventure was one of the most beautiful metaphors for life I could ever experience.

Life is messy, life is unpredictable, life does not always go your way. There are times you have to improvise, to go with it, to wing it. There are chances that must be taken and things you must let go of. There are times when time seems to stop. It is full of magic and mystique. You are left speechless at it’s austere grandeur. You’ll be afraid you might lost it at times. Sometimes you cry because you’re laughing so hard and other times you cry because you’re so tired and exhausted. People will accompany you along your path, some for short time, others for longer, but you always keep going at your own pace. There’s always an end goal, and while you may not know exactly what it will be like when you reach it, you know it will be worth it. This ebb and flow is so raw and fragile, yet is also roaring in your face trying to get you to acknowledge you’re alive. This is life.


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Life is too short to be boring

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