Picking fights

Arguments and disagreements are bound to happen. It can be over something as stupid as someone looking at you the wrong way, or something more serious. I’ve definitely had my share of quarrels in almost every relationship, however, I’d have to say the majority of them are probably with my sisters. Through years of taking the sisterhood I’ve been lucky to be a part of for granted, I’ve learned a couple things. First of all, it’s important to pick fights. Not literally in the sense that you’re going to beat someone up, but in the sense that you are fighting for something, like a greater cause or concept, rather than against someone. Secondly, it’s not enough to stand in the bleachers talking about it, or support it from the sidelines, cheering like those cheerleaders in school with the pom-poms. You’ve got to get in the arena and fight, do something about it, or it won’t be something you’re passionate for or about. My sisters and I have this chant that we came up with that goes “And we are always there! And we are always there!” I’m not really sure who came up with it, but basically it means that we are always there for each other because together we are stronger. While disagreements and differing opinions will continue to come up with both my sisters and friends, I believe that having a strong sisterhood of women is always something worth fighting for, whether it’s with your actual biological sisters or not.


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