Back in high school and the start of college, I was really into trains. I thought it was so awesome to hang out by the train tracks, watch the trains go racing by, maybe even smash a few pennies or climb to the top of the signal towers and feel the trains vibrating the metal frame. I’m not really sure why I had this fascination, probably because it’s not technically legal. Every once in a while my friends and I would try to jump on one, living for that adrenaline that shoots right through you, hanging on for dear life, laughing as we tried to stick the landing jumping off. I haven’t been to the train tracks for a while, until the other day when my sister and I went for a walk. I started to think how I’ve gone from that exciting pastime to where I am now, sitting in an office, consumed with homework and work. I think that life is kinda like a train. It’s moving, pretty fast, and it will go right past you if you don’t have the guts to chase after it and jump on, living for the thrill it provides instead of just standing stationary watching it, or maybe not even watching it at all. Everyday we wake up, we’ve been invited to hop on the train of life, enjoy the ride and see where it takes us. I think life is about trusting God and going with your gut. I came up with the nifty little word “interrdition,” which essentially means life is how you choose to look at it. You can either choose to see what could be considered as an interruption to your life/plan/schedule as simply that, or as an addition to your life/plan/schedule. Because when you jump on a train, you don’t necessarily know where you’re going or what’s going to happen, you have to be willing to let go of fear so that you can embrace the adventure.



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Life is too short to be boring

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